10 Easy Steps to Download HDFC Credit Card Statement in Mobile [2023]

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Do you use your HDFC credit card to pay your Life insurance (or) for buying Groceries on E-commerce websites, (or) shopped Gadgets online, (or) ordered Biryanis & Kebabs on Swiggy or Zomato, then, you need to check your credit card transactions to know how much you have spent.

Today in this article, let’s see how to download HDFC Credit Card Statement on Mobile using the HDFC Mobile banking app easily. i.e. HDFC Credit card Statement Download

Let’s get started..!!

Step 1:

Firstly, open “HDFC Mobile banking app” on your Mobile.

Step 2:

Now, Login into the app using the User name, Password (or) using your Fingerprint (or) using HDFC PIN number.

Step 3:

After logging in, your HDFC Dashboard will look like this. Now, Tap on the “Menu” section which appears on the top left.

Step 4:

Later on, to Download the Credit Card statement tap on the “Pay” section.

Step 5:

Now, Select the “Cards” section. Here you can see your Active Credit & Debit card details and also the inactive card details will appear here.

Step 6:

Now Go to your “Credit card” section and Tap on the small arrow mark as appears in the below image.

Step 6:

Now your Credit card summary will be displayed and you can see the details say,
– What is the Outstanding amount on your HDFC credit card..!
– How much is the remaining credit.!
– How much is the Minimum due on your credit card etc.,

Step 7:

Now, If you scroll down a bit, you can see the “Download Billing Statement” option. Just top on it.

Step 8:

Later on, you can see the “Duration”, tap on it and select the credit card statement period you want to download. Through this option, HDFC Credit card users are allowed to Download credit card statements on a Monthly period only.

Step 9:

After selecting the period, tap on the “Download” button,

Step 10:

Now the app displays “Your statement is downloaded Successfully”
Now Open it directly or you can go to the Download sections on your mobile and you can check all the transactions made using your HDFC credit card in PDF format.

I hope you understood the “10 Easy Steps to Download HDFC Credit Card Statement in Mobile” concept.
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