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HDFC Bank Balance Check Number

Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) is one of the largest Private sector banks in India. It offers various banking products and Services, the Bank has come up with convenient and hassle-free ways to check their Bank account balances.

The HDFC Bank Customers who have Savings Bank Account, Current Account, Personal Loans, Credit Cards in the bank can avail customer care service by Phone Call, SMS, Internet Banking, UPI, Mobile Banking or by Visitng Branch.

In this article, we are going to discuss various methods by which customers can make a Balance enquiry through Missed Call, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, UPI and a lot more.

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Different Methods for HDFC Bank Balance Check

Let’s find 8 Different ways for the HDFC Bank balance check

1. HDFC Bank balance Check Number [Toll-free]

In case you want to know your HDFC Bank balance immediately or else if you don’t know how to operate Internet banking or Mobile banking by using the Internet. But you would like to know the HDFC bank balance accurately.

For that, Simply take your Mobile. Just Dial the below-mentioned Toll-free number from your HDFC registered mobile number to get your bank balance or for your banking-related queries as well.

HDFC Bank Balance check number [Toll-Free Number]1800-270-3333
HDFC Mini Statement [Toll-Free Number]1800-270-3355
HDFC Cheque Book [Toll-Free Number]1800-270-3366 
HDFC Credit Card Summary [Toll-Free Number]1800-270-9988
HDFC Bank Customer Care number

2. HDFC Bank balance check through SMS

To get SMS alerts on your mobile, an HDFC customer should register for SMS Banking.

How to Register for SMS Banking?

To get registered for SMS Banking in HDFC, the Account holders can send an SMS by typing “REGISTER” <Space> “Last 4 Digits of Customer ID” <Space> “Last 4 Digits of Account Number” and Send it to 7308080808

If you are a Registered HDFC customer for SMS Banking, then, you can check your HDFC Bank balance by sending an SMS typing “BAL” & Send it to 5676712

Eg: Type “BAL” to 5676712

HDFC SMS Banking RegistrationType
“REGISTER” <Space> “Last 4 Digits of Customer ID” <Space> “Last 4 Digits of Account Number” and
Send it to 7308080808
HDFC Bank balance check through SMSType “BAL” and send it to 5676712
HDFC Bank balance check through SMS

3. HDFC Bank balance check Through Missed Call

– HDFC Bank customers can check the account balance by giving a missed call from their registered mobile.

– It can be done either by Android phones or by using small phones with no Android / IOS facility.

– This Missed call feature is mostly useful for Senior citizens, Super senior citizens, and also for Rural people with Illiteracy can be helpful.

How to Check Bank Balance?
To avail of the HDFC Bank balance enquiry service, the account holders can reach 1800-270-3333.

HDFC Bank balance check number Missed call to 1800-270-3333
HDFC Bank balance check Through Missed Call

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4. HDFC Bank balance check through Net banking

Step 1: HDFC customers who have opted for the Net banking facility can access their Internet bank account by logging into the HDFC Net Banking Login

Step 2: Login into it using your Internet banking User ID and Password.

Step 3: After you logged in, Your Savings bank account will be displayed under the “Accounts” section in the middle of the screen as “Total Savings Balance”
Eg: Total Savings Balance INR 2,523

Step 5: You can check your displayed Account balance.

5. HDFC Bank balance check Through Mobile banking

Checking the HDFC bank account balance by using the Mobile Banking app is one of the fastest forms. For that firstly you need to register with the HDFC for opting of this Mobile banking service.

HDFC Account balance through App
Step 1:
Firstly, open the “HDFC Mobile banking app” on your Mobile.

Step 2: Now, Login into the app using the User Name, Password (or) using your Fingerprint (or) using HDFC PIN number.

Step 3: After you logged in, Your Savings bank account will be displayed under the “Accounts” section as “Savings Account” with a Balance
Eg: Savings Account Rs. 2,523

6. HDFC Bank balance check Through ATM Cards

HDFC customers who visit ATMs for any financial transaction purpose, if they want to check their Bank balance, then, they can do it by using their Debit card.

Steps to Check the HDFC Bank Balance

Step 1: Visit the Nearest HDFC ATM.

Step 2: You just need to Insert your ATM debit card on the right side of the ATM machine.

Step 3: Enter your Four-digit ATM PIN to access your Bank account

Step 4: Now multiple options will be displayed & You select the “Banking” option and Select “Banking Enquiry”

Step 5: Now the ATM will display your HDFC bank account balance.

7. HDFC Bank balance check via UPI

Nowadays UPIs are one of the fastest money transfer apps. By using these apps you can also check your HDFC bank balance.

– Open the “PhonePe” app on your Android or IOS device.
– On the homepage itself, you can see the section “Transfer money”.
– Under this section, to know/check Your bank account balance simply tap on “Check balance”
– Now you need to Select your Bank account like HDFC to check your bank balance.
– Later on, you need to enter your “UPI PIN” number to check your HDFC bank balance.

Note: Your PhonePe must be linked with your HDFC Bank account to check the Bank account balance.

8. HDFC Bank balance check Through Passbook

If you want to check your HDFC Bank balance through Passbook, then, you can visit your HDFC branch and update your bank passbook.

In the Passbook, you can check all your Debit and Credit entries including your Day balance as per your transactions.

Once it is updated with the bank, then they can check your available Bank balance.

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