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Written by Ravi Sankar Robbi

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About the Diploma in International Taxation

Tax laws in India are becoming more and more complex. Globalization of economies, signing and review of free trade agreements, increase in the number of cross border transactions, mergers, acquisitions, tax treaties, transfer pricing etc. have added to these complexities. To help our members to build the capacities in the area of international taxation, the ICAI through its dedicated Committee on International Taxation has been conducting a certificate course on International Taxation for its members since 2009. After successfully organizing certificate course for six years, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with the approval of Ministry of Corporate Affairs has brought out a Post Qualification Diploma in International Taxation for its members. The Diploma course will benefit our professionals in industry as well in practice to acquire specialized knowledge in the area of International Taxation and take the profession to the yet newer heights.

Vision behind this initiative

Benchmarking skill sets and Delivering innovation……

Keeping pace with growing complexities of businesses, cross border investments, acquisitions, trade and technological innovations, tax laws are becoming more and more complex. Globalization of economies, signing and review of free trade agreements and tax treaties coupled with more rigorous application of anti avoidance measures by various jurisdictions, add to these complexities. Though compliance with tax laws is being simplified, at the same time cost of non-compliance is increasing.

Since our professionals are competent and well prepared to take up the challenges involved in working in the borderless world, ICAI too is geared up to support them in respect of the required knowledge up-dation. The syllabus of this course has been thoughtfully designed by the stalwarts in the profession to ensure that the member acquire working knowledge and are able to identify and resolve specific problem areas in a variety of practical situations. Considering the necessity for providing dedicated and focused guidance, equal weightage has been given to the subjects of “Transfer Pricing” and “International Tax”.

The background material of the course has been written and reviewed by eminent experts in the area of taxation. This course, if completed, would provide an aspiring practitioner the desired confidence to practice in this complex and upcoming field. As there are only few chartered accountants who are practicing in this area, there are plentiful of professional opportunities available for the person who masters in this.

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Author is a Qualified CMA with an experience of more than 8 years in the industry. He is also an All India Rank holder in both Inter (AIR-26) & Final (AIR-46) examinations of ICAI. He loves to writes articles on Income Tax & GST.