CA Students : Freedom Fighters of Life

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A Struggle, an effort & hardwork comes to an end…!!

Yes, CA Exams are over.

Now every CA-IPC & Final students are breathing normally & fighting for their freedom in their lives since CA Students life is different from others. Most of the students have put their heart & soul for the exams. It’s a damn relief as a pressure from Pressure cooker.

Ms. Priya from Chennai who cleared CPT with 135 marks appeared for IPC with the hard preparation like a Monk for 3 Months for her 3rd attempt. She is happy this time as she wrote the exams confidently, but she is unhappy since there is no real soul in herlife and of course for many CA Students.

Ms. Priya had hardly attended any birthday party of her friends and also

missed her cousins marraiage events as well.

she even didn’t celebrate Vinayaka Chavithi,

she didn’t celebrate Dussera,

she didn’t celebrate Diwali.

Students who write both the groups handles more pressure rather than the students who opt for a single group. After the exams, students will get almost 2 months free life before the results are out, unless you are engaged in Articleship or Coaching.

But it’s the Rollar coaster time to freak out yourself.


Plan your life & Taste the real flavor of Happiness 🙂

Let’s discuss the 7 Life Mnatras to CA Students to live the life happily & to bring your freedom to your life.

1. Take the Bahubali spirit :

Today in this busy world everyone is recognising the importance of being healthy. Everyone should workout atleast for 1 hour either

by going for a Casual walk/Jog with your friend in the early morning and feel the freshness of nature.

As per Research, One should start their walk slowly for the first 5 mins and after that you should accelerate your walk and while finishing, calm down your pace slowly for 5 mins and then stop your walk.


Stretch your body in the Gym by starting with the basic warm-up. But never try weights, if you are beginner. It might be risky.


you can do some basic workouts in Yoga.

Take the Spirit of bahubali. But you need not workout like a hero does, but you are the hero to your family.

So, Do workouts & Be Healthy.

2. Jindagi na milegi dobara [You won’t get a second life]:

As CA students were engaged in the studies for more than 6 months, it’s time to get relaxed. So, go for a Jolly trip even for 2 or 3 days with your friends or family by choosing some good spot with lots of vegetation. That trip should makes u relieve from all the pressure you handled during the exams. So choose it wisely.

Try to absorb the soul of the spot by observing the habbits , attitude, behaviours, tastes & life style of the people by talking with Taxi driver while you are travelling in a car [or]

by asking the passenger besides you in the Bus and eat the traditional food of that place because some places are meant for some special foods like

Hyderbad is for Hyderabadi Biryani

Tamilnadu is for Sambar

Mumabi is for Vada Pav etc.,

You can learn something new in your visit, so adopt that particular change to your life style since a change may show you a new unknown person in you.

The trip need not be expensive but it shall make you free from all the tensions you carried upto the exams.

Enjoy the trips heartfully since you you won’t get a second life.

3. Four Idiots:

Go and spend time with your idiots. I mean to say friends. You might have CA Friends and Non-CA Friends. You might have spent minimum of 1 year on your studies. CA friends will understand the toughness in CA exams, where as Non-CA Students may not know the hardness of our exams.

So, Just tell them 1 thing that “CA is my life”. Automatically your loving friends will understand the dedication towards your career & life. So, plan to meet them once & make them happy.

In life, if you are surrounded with 4 real friends [who believe/understands you in everything], you are a real greatest person in the World & you can lead the rest of the life very happily.

4. Follow your heart :

“I am passionated in Short-Film making

“I used to watch atleast 2 Movies in a week”

“I Missed a lot of Cricket

“I have been missed the flavor of reading Chethan bagath’s novels

“I Surfed CA Website as a Social networking site during the exams time”

These are the views expreseed by CA Students while preparing for their exams.

CA Students might have missed their Passion of Film making, Interest & Love towards participating in the dancing competitions, listening the music etc., while chasing their career. It’s time to fulfill your long postponed passions into reality.

So, Follow your Heart & Chase your dreams.

5. Take good care of your family:

This is the Most Important task to be accomplished by every CA Student.

CA Students life is full of sacrifices

While preparing for CA Exams, not only you but also your family might have made some sacrifices for you, like . . .

– Your lovable dad, mom, sister or brother might have missed an exciting cricket match [or] never ending saga of TV serials, for not distracting you from your Success.

– Your family may even skipped the special events of the relatives due to your exams.

I believe that Perfect example of Sacrifice can be learned from your family itself, as an Adviser, Supporter, Guide, Well-wisher etc.

So, give some space to your family, as you are nothing without the support of your family.

6. Biryani, Panipuri:

Indians are food lovers.

During the exams due to study planning, revisions & contionous study, many students might not took their favorite food. It can be Biryani, Panipuri,Thai, Chinese & Non-veg varities etc.

Mom is the best cook in the world. You might have tasted 100’s of varieties of food, but it never beat your mom’s food.

It’s the best time to taste all kinds of varities you like.

7. Real People vs Virtual People:

After Facebook and Whatsapp entering into our lives, people are damn crazy about it and using such interfaces only to communicate with the world.

Those people are missing the real life communication. Instead, meet them & make them happy. Now-a-days, some of the people are more inclined to make 1000’s of friends in their Facebook friends list, but almost 50% of them are not your real friends at all.

Today, People are sending even their Wedding Invitation through Gmail [or] Facebook & as a reminder Phone Invitation to Whatsapp.

Instead of that, meet your friend and Invite them personally.

It would a memory right..!!

So, Meet the Real People & Choose the Virtual People.

Life is to live 100%

Life is NOT meant for STUDIES only. Life is a lot more than that.

Happy Living 🙂

Author is a Qualified CMA with rich industry experience for more than 6 years. He is an All India Ranker (AIR-101) in CMA and also a Semi-Qualified Chartered Accountant having a quite good experience in teaching the subjects of Accounting and Costing to the commerce aspirants.

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