7 Best Interview Tips for CA, CMA, CS Job-Seekers

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Campus Placement is the ultimate opportunity to the students to put your feet into the world of Employment. As a student, you might have been struggling for the money from the years, so here is the Golden chance to prove what you are and also to get engaged in the prestigious companies.Companies will not appoint you simply by seeing your Marks [or] Certicficates of Merits [or] All India Ranks etc., These achievements helps you to get positive impression to the Interviewer. Apart from these,to succeed in the interviews you must follow some best owned techniques which helps you to crack the interviews.

Here, We provide some 7 Golden tips for CA, CMA & CS job seekers to be successful in the Interviews.

1. First impression

Firstly, Greet your Interviewer with a healthy Smile and a firm handshake and Maintain that smile throughout the Interview. It makes you feel better and it also creates good interview atmosphere.

According to Discover Magazine, “when a person is sincerely amused, a part of the brain called the basal ganglia is activated, leading to the unconscious contracting of certain facial muscles”.

A forced smile, however, uses a different group of muscles, which is why it’s generally easy to recognize a person who is legitimately pleased versus one who is only pretending to be.

Science Says If You Want to Be Smarter, Dress Better

Recently, Scientists from Columbia University and Cal State Northridge published a study that examines how clothing may affect abstract and concrete thoughts. The results found wearing formal clothes can free people from concrete thinking while boosting their ability to think more abstractly.

so, Wear formal dress, it definitely makes you look Professional.

Give eye contact.

Try to make casual conversation amid the stroll from the gathering zone to the meeting room.

An HR director Anderson says, “You have to sell yourself before you can sell anything else and the first 30 seconds are when the interviewer subconsciously makes decisions about whether they like you or not and whether you will fit into the team.”

2. Be Prepared before you dive

When you are preparing to dive from the plane, you have to carry your Parachute. So,carry your parachutes and be prepared for the dive of Interview.

Check your CV [Parachute] and the job advert just before the interview.

Take a minimum of 5-10 Photocopies of CV. In the Campus interviews, sometimes you shall need to submit CV to the employers to participate in Group Discussion[GD] or else they may directly come with Interviews. So, it’s better to hold bunches of CV’s in hand, rather to run.

Do your research thoroughly: Look at the Company Web site and grab some information about the Company like,

When the Company was established ??

Type of Industry; Manufacturing or Service oriented

Financial Performance of the company [ EPS or Profitability etc.,]

Who are the Competitors of the company etc.,

Since you are a Professional student [CA or CMA or CS], companies will assess your way of analyzing the things.

Note: Maximum 10 lines information about the company is sufficient.

But, Know something rather nothing.

3. Time Sense:

Arrive on Time for the Interview.

As said by William Shakespeare “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”

As a job seeker, you should attend for the interview atleast 15 minutes before the allotted time. It allows you to get settled. Arriving the interview place a bit early will give you the chance to observe the things. A person without punctuality cannot be impressed. The more you punctual, the more the impression will be.

4. Break the battle of Silence:

Generally in the Campus Interviews,Companies comes up Group discussion.

Group discussion, which can also be called as a GD, is the foremost selection method which is followed by most of the companies.

Here, the companies will assess the student’s Communication skills and Group management skills in a Group of 5 or 10.

As a job seeker, You must know, how to perform this task effectively !!!

> Most of the cases, Companies allow the group to make selection of the topic, therefore, it is advisable to prepare 5-10 topics before you attend for the campus like

Indian Economy: Old Wine in New Bottle!

Should the Public Sector be Privatized?

How to Deal with High Oil Prices?

Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

Love marriage or Arranged marriage

Current Issues of any sort etc.,

Prepare for Current issues of 5-10 topics, if you get a chance to select,then,pick a topic from your armory otherwise you should be ready to face a new topic.

> Raise your voice and Break the battle of silence.

For example, A group of GD having 10 members started conversion and you are one the group. And the maximum time to complete GD either 10 or 15 mins. That means a person may not get more than a minute. That means, you should convince the panel of Interviewers within a minute. Some of the people won’t get the chance even.

So, try to raise your voice and draw some footmarks of your’s

5. Tell me about your’s:

“Tell me about your’s”, is the First and foremost question hit by 90% of the interviewers after successful completion of GD.

What to say about us ????

Tell the interviewer about your Academic achievements like All India Ranks , Performance improvements [like got exemptions in 3 Subjects etc.,]. Since it is a general question ,it is the best time to interact with the interviewer for a few minutes.

The interviewer will assess your English speaking abilities, Way of communication, Dressing sense, Subject related questions [Direct and Indirect tax, Accounting etc.]

6. How to Answer:

Answer questions properly & confidently, even if you need a few moments’ silence to collect your thoughts.Try to answer to almost every question. Sometimes it may not be possible. When you are 100% sure that you are completely unaware of the answer,then, simply say “Don’t know”[You keep this as a last choice]. But never try to bluff the Interviewer.

You might be doubted that,

can I say “Don’t Know” for any answer !!

Is it creating any negative impression to the interviewer !!!



No !!

When, For example, an interviewer throws 10 questions at you. If you have answered 9 out of 10 and you are completely unaware of the last question, then,you may say “Don’t know”.

The interviewer may be convinced with your genunity and straight forwardness.

Anderson advises, “It’s better to say you need a minute to think about your answer rather than speak instantly and regret it afterwards.”

7.Check your body language:

The Interview is not about what you say, but how you say it.

So, every action counts.

During the interview,

Do not fold your arms and

Do not lean back or look to the floor!

Sit upright and try to maintain good eye contact.

Use your hands and lean forward when making a point.

Be respectful to the Interviewer and to the Company.

Mr.Job Seeker, Wish you all Success in the Interview 🙂

All the very Best 🙂

Author is a Qualified CMA with rich industry experience for more than 6 years. He is an All India Ranker (AIR-101) in CMA and also a Semi-Qualified Chartered Accountant having a quite good experience in teaching the subjects of Accounting and Costing to the commerce aspirants.