Top 5 Features of Scapia Credit Card [With Review]

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Scapia Credit Card
Scapia Credit Card

Airport Lounge access is a benefit provided to Debit and Credit cardholders to enjoy a comfortable waiting period in the Airport terminals.

Usually, the Airport Lounge access includes
– Free Food,
– Free Wifi,
– Showers
– Complimentary refreshments,
– Newspapers,
– Charging stations,
– Spa etc.,

To earn Rs.100/- worth through Scapia coins, you should earn 500 Scapia coins.

To earn 500 Scapia Points Online / Offline, you should spend Rs.5,000/- on your Scapia credit card. However, to earn 500 Scapia Points on Travel bookings, you should spend Rs.2,500/- on your credit card.

No-cost EMI is a financing option that converts the Cost of Purchase into EMI without any additional charges. No-cost EMI can also be called “Zero Cost EMI” or “Interest-free EMI”

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Scapia Credit Card

1. What is Scapia Credit Card?

Scapia Credit Card is a Co-branded Credit card launched by Federal Bank and Scapia Technology Private Limited to tailor to the needs of frequent travelers and regular shoppers. This credit card offers rewards in the form of Scapia points up to 10% on Online and Offline spending & 20% on travel bookings along with Top benefits of Unlimited Domestic Lounge access, No cost EMI, etc.,

2. Is Scapia Credit Card Rupay Card?

The Scapia Credit Card is not a Rupay Credit Card. But at present, it offers a Visa Card network to its customers.

3. Is Scapia Credit Card Virtual Card Only?

The co-branded Scapia Credit Card is a Virtual Credit card that can be activated immediately. However, the cardholder will also get a Physical Scapia Credit card within 2-5 days. This Credit card is designed especially for Travel lovers and offers Unlimited Domestic Lounge access, No-cost EMI, and a lot more benefits for an entry-level user.

4. Can I Link Phonepe in Scapia Credit Card?

As a Scapia Credit card is a Visa Credit Card, the cardholder can link to their PhonePe.

5. Is Scapia Credit Card has Lounge access?

The Federal Scapia Credit card offers Unlimited Domestic Airport Lounge access on a Minimum spend of Rs.5,000 in a billing cycle. This facility can be availed in more than 60 airports in India. However, to avail of this feature regularly on this credit card, the card should be active every month.

6. Scapia Credit card Interest rate for EMI Transactions?

If you convert any purchases made through Scapia Credit into EMI, then, an interest rate of @16% will be applicable for tenures of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21
and 24 months tenure.

7. Is the Scapia credit card contactless card?

The Scapia credit card comes with Contactless technology.
In India, you can make payment using this credit card at the Point of Sale (POS) Machine for a Maximum Payment of Rs.5,000/- per transaction without entering the PIN.
If you want to make a payment of more than Rs.5,000/-, then, this card holder should input the Credit card PIN to complete the payment.

8. Can I Withdraw Cash by using this Virtual Credit Card? 

By using a Virtual Credit card you cannot withdraw money. However, when you get this Physical Scapia credit card, then you can withdraw cash.

9. Does the Scapia Credit Card has Fuel Surcharge Waiver?

The Federal Bank Scapia Credit card does not offer a Fuel Surcharge Waiver. This cardholder does not even earn any Scapia Coins on Fuel transactions as well.

10. Scapia Reward Points Non applicability?

The Scapia Credit cardholder will earn zero reward points for transactions of Cash withdrawals, EMI transactions, Money transfers, Digital wallet loadings, Rental payments, Transactions less than Rs.20, International Transactions, Education-related fees, Crypto transactions
Gift cards & Scapia Credit card bill payment.

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