Phonepe wallet: How to Activate Phonepe wallet with Pictures [Easy Method]

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When you are making the payment through Phonepe, did you get this error message ..!!
“Transaction is failed” and “Your bank is facing a temporary technical issue. Try again later”.

The above error message will be displayed when you are accessing your Phonepe-connected Bank account if the banker has any technical issues at the time of making payment.

At that time your PhonePe payment will be unsuccessful.

If you don’t have enough Physical money on hand, your situation is quite embarrassing.

But from next time onwards, if you don’t want to face this kind of issue, then, you will have to activate your Phonepe wallet. Then, you can pay successfully without having technical issues with your banker.

Let’s get started to know the complete process of how to activate phonepe wallet.

Step 1:

Open the Phonepe app on your Mobile (Android / IOS)

Step 2:

Login into the app using your Phonepe Password or the Finger Print option.

Step 3:

Now your Phonepe dashboard will appear like this. To activate your Phonepe wallets, Tap on “PhonePe Wallet” which appears on the dashboard itself.

Step 4:

Now, tap on the “Activate Wallet” option.

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Step 5:

Now OTP will be sent to the registered Phonepe mobile number. Then, your Phonepe app will read your OTP or Enter the OTP manually.

Now it activates your Phonepe Wallet within 1-2 seconds only.

Step 6:

With this, the process is not complete, If you do complete KYC, the below 3 benefits you will get

1. You can add Money to your wallet
2. You can add up to Rs.10,000/- per month
3. Lifetime validity of Phonepe

Step 7:

Now you have to Tap on “Complete KYC”

Step 8:

Here, to confirm your identity, you have to submit any of the below-shown documents and Tap on “Document type” and enter the required details of the submitted documents.

Step 9:

Now tap on the “Submit” button.

Then your Phonepe wallet will be activated successfully and also Rs.100/- will be added to your wallet by default.

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