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Life Insurance Policy is one of Indian’s favorite investing options. But one of the challenging tasks for the investors is to make LIC Premium payments on time. To further ease the Payment procedure, LIC India offers its customers to pay the premium through LIC India’s official website without having a customer login.

In this thread, I will show you how to pay LIC Premium online through Credit Card from LIC’s official website.

Let’s get started with “LIC Premium Payment online”..!!

Step 1:
Go to and click on “Pay Premium Online” to pay LIC Premium without login to the portal.

Step 2:

Now, to Pay Life insurance Premiums directly without logging in, you can see “Pay Direct (No registration required)” and click on “Please Select”

Then, You will get some Payment options
1. Renewal Premium / Revival
2. Advance Premium Payment
3. Loan Repayment
4. Loan Interest Payment

Step 3:

To pay your LIC Premium, click on the “Renewal Premium/Revival” option.

Step 4:

Now it will be displayed that you are required complete 3 steps to complete the premium payment. so, click on the “Proceed” button.

Step 5:

After clicking that, you have to fill in some details herein.

1. Policy number,
2. Installment premium without Tax,
3. Date of Birth,
4. Email ID,
5. Mobile Number.

Step 6:

It is to be noted that “Installment Premium without Tax” means you have to enter your installment premium without including the GST portion. This will be available in the “Premium receipt” you paid earlier.

In case the premium receipt is not available, then you can contact your Insurance agent, they will assist you in this regard.
But do not enter the Total amount of Insurance premium paid.

Step 7:

Once you enter it and scroll down a bit, you will see some guidelines and terms. Then, Tick on “I Agree” and click on the “Submit” button.

Step 8:

Now all your Life Insurance details will appear here say, Your Name, Policy number, Due date, etc., And also details like
– The premium payable either on a Quarterly or Monthly basis
– How much to pay as a Total premium will appear.

Step 9:

You can also add more policies for premium payment for your Wife or any other known person for whom you would like to pay the Insurance Premium. For that, you have to enter their Policy Number and Installation amount and click on “Add to List”.

Step 10:

After clicking that, it displays how many policies you have selected and your premium amount [Eg: Rs. 15,462/-] To confirm it, click on “Proceed”.

Step 11:

Now, Two gateways will be opened for you to make payment in this final & 3rd step.
1. Paytm.
2. Bill Desk.

You can complete your payment by using any one of these two gateways.
I click on “Check & Pay” in the 2nd Gateway to pay the Premium amount.

Step 12:

After clicking on that, different payment options like a Credit card, Debit card, and Internet banking will appear. To make the Payment through a Credit Card, Click on the Credit card option.

Step 13:

Now enter your Credit card details like Card number, Card Expiry Date, CVV, and Cardholder Name and click on the “Make Payment” option.

Step 14:

Once you click on that, an OTP will be sent to your bank-registered mobile. Enter it and click on the “Submit” button.

Step 15:

Now you will get a payment successful message. Also, all your transaction details will be displayed here. You can also see the details like How much you have paid and How you have paid.

Again we got the message that the premium payment is successful. Now you will see “Download Receipt” here, if you click on it, your LIC Renewal Premium Receipt will be displayed.

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