LIC: How to Download LIC Premium paid Statement for the whole year

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As a LIC policyholder, it is always important to stay updated on the status of your insurance investments. One of the crucial documents which help in this process is the LIC Premium Paid Statement.

This Premium paid statement acts as a comprehensive overview of your LIC premium payments, providing a clear picture of the total amount paid, the duration of coverage, and any pending dues, if any. It serves as a valuable financial record, ensuring transparency and accountability.

If you have this statement in hand, it becomes effortless to track the progress of your policy, understand the premium payment history, and plan for future investments.

In this thread, I will show you how to download the Life Insurance Premium Paid Statement online through the official website of LIC. You can download it for any financial year easily in PDF format.

Let’s get started..!

Step 1:
Visit the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) India Website. Go to and click on “Login to Customer Portal”.

Step 2:

After clicking on that, a pop-up will be displayed “This is an external link, are you sure you want to continue?”
Click on “Ok” to continue.

Now, a new webpage will be opened. Here, you need to enter your LIC Login credentials. Here you will have 2 options to Login.

1. Using User ID
2. Using OTP

If you select the first option of Using User ID, then you need to Enter your “User ID/ E-Mail ID / Mobile number”. Later on, enter your LIC Portal password in the “Password” section.

And Click on the “Sign in” button.

If you select the second option of Using OTP, then you need to Enter your LIC-registered Mobile number and click on the “Proceed” button. Then, you need to enter the OTP.

Step 3:

Once you click on that, a pop-up menu will be displayed “For enhanced services, please register your policies under premier services”. Click on the “Later” option.

Step 4:

Now, your LIC profile dashboard will open like this, Click on “Self policies” in the “Policies” section.

Now all your policy details will be displayed and if you look at the left-hand side, you can see multiple options, including the Annual statements of your insurance premium payment.

Step 5:

Click on the “Policy Premium Paid Statement” option to download it in PDF format.

When you click on that, it asks you to “Select Year (FY)”.
The Financial year (FY) is the period starting from 1st April to 31st March.

Step 6:

Now, to download your Premium statements which you have already paid, click on “Select Year (FY)”. Then, financial years will pop down. Select the financial year for which you want to download the Premium paid statement.

Step 7:

After that, tick on your Policy Number and click on “Generate Statement”.

After clicking on that, the Premium Paid statement for the selected financial year (Eg: 2021-22), will be displayed in PDF format.

Step 8:

Also if you come to a little bottom, the total premium amount you paid will also be displayed here. If you want to download this statement, click on the Download button. Click here to download and also you can print this statement as well.

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