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Are you buying gold..!!
No matter how you buy gold so far..!!
But from 1st April 2023 onwards whatever the Gold ornaments you buy, if you do not check 3 Mandatory Hallmarkings, then you will lose your money.

BIS Hallmark New Rules

With effect from 01st April, 2023 as mentioned by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the Jewelry shops that sell gold ornaments must have a Mandatory 6-digit Alpha-Numeric Hall mark Unique Identification number [HUID] on each gold ornament.

Simply, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has banned Gold shops from selling gold without HUID.
In case if you buy such gold without HUID, further there might be a chance that your Gold rate will be decreased as the gold ornament doesn’t have an Identification number.

So, when you buy gold, apart from simply whether you liked the ornament or not, check whether it has this HUID number on the ornament. This will be marked on every ornament.

HUID Hallmark Check

Earlier in HUID contains
– BIS logo,
– Item purity i.e. whether it is 24-carat or 22-carat gold.
– Assaying & Hallmarking Logo.
Now, it has been replaced with a 6-digit HUID.

And now let’s look at the 3 things you need to check in the new hallmark
– BIS logo
– Purity of gold. It is mentioned in In Carat. That means 22 carats and 24 carats will be like this.
– After that 6 digit HUID Alpha Numeric HUID should be printed mandatorily on the ornament.

Also, another thing you need to remember is that HUID is traceable even if it is an ornament, and any Gold ornament which is Hallmarked after 1st July 2021 has to be Hallmarked with this new 6-digit HUID. Don’t buy it even if it is sold as old gold. Finally, you will lose your money.

HUID Hallmark Check Online

Is every ornament with HUID original.!!
Let’s see about gold hallmark check.

Step 1:

To check the HUID on the Ornament, You download this app called “BIS Care” from Google Play Store. It is a Government App.

Step 2:

Once you selected an ornament like Bangles. Now open the app and Tap on “Verify HUID”

Step 3:

Now a box will be appeared and you will be asked to “Enter HUID number”. Now you enter the 6 Digit HUID number which appears on the Gold Bangles and Press on “Search”

Step 4:

If the ornament is original, then, you will get the details like
– Who has hallmarked this jewelry i.e. Jewelry shop name will appear here
Eg: Lalitha, Kalyan jewelry etc.,
– Jewelry Registration Number
– Name of Assaying & Hallmarking Center, Center Recognition number, and their address.
– Article type whether it is Bangle or a chain or a Necklace etc.,
– On which date, the ornament hall marked and
– Gold you bought is whether 22 carat or 24 carat, will be displayed.

Likewise, if the selected articled matched with these details, then only you can buy the ornament. Otherwise change the Ornament or Change the Jewellery shop.

Author is a Qualified CMA with rich industry experience for more than 6 years. He is an All India Ranker (AIR-101) in CMA and also a Semi-Qualified Chartered Accountant having a quite good experience in teaching the subjects of Accounting and Costing to the commerce aspirants.

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