8 Things You Should Know about SBI Doorstep Banking Services | How to Register?

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(Based on a True incident)
On one cool evening, I sat at Victory at the Sea of Visakhapatnam beach.

While I was sitting on the beach road, a 70-year-old man who sat next to me was on the phone with his friend.

This old man asked him “How’s your Health”?
And told him that, the due date to submit your Life certificate has arrived.
Have you submitted it?

A life certificate is a certificate to be submitted by retired Government employees every year to certify that the employee is alive. Those who submit it will get monthly pensions as per their eligibility.

This old man says I know your health condition is not good (With a heavy heart)
But try to get some energy and submit your Life Certificate with the nearest bank.

Then I thought, As his friend’s health condition is too bad to visit physically & submit his life certificate to the banker, I wanted to tell him about certain Banking services that can be completed successfully by sitting at home.

But that day I step backward, as I don’t know how they will react if an unknown person speaks about their financial dealings.

I keep myself calm.! But I want to share with you through this article.

Elders will get this situation and may not be able to go out of home on all the important banking-related tasks. If their children are with them, they may support them. If they are apart, someone should help them.

Let’s change this, my dear friends..!!

India’s largest Public sector Bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) is now offering certain banking-related services for the elders at their doorstep through SBI Door Step Services or SBI doorstep banking

From next time onwards, when your elder’s health is not proper or confessed. Even if it’s raining or sunny outside, your children are outside the city or country. But Don’t let them stop their work anymore.

What services are available in SBI Doorstep services, Who are eligible, How to register, and a lot more will be discussed in this article.

Let’s get started..!!

SBI Door Step Banking List of Services

Let’s see what services, the Senior citizens can avail.

1. Cash Withdraw

You need to go to the ATM to withdraw money but you don’t have patience. In such a case, senior citizens can bring up to Rs.20,000 rupees to their homes using this SBI doorstep banking service.

To avail of this service, you have to write a cheque and hand it over to the SBI representative.

2. Cash Deposit

You have Money in your hand and you have to deposit it in your SBI Bank account.!!
But if you felt it risky taking money into either the Bank or ATM to deposit it, then, don’t worry Grandpa..!!

You can deposit your money up to Rs.20,000/- in your SBI bank account through these Doorstep services.

Again, the SBI representative will visit your home to collect your money and deposit it into your bank account.

Oh..That’s cool my son..!!
But I have a Question..?

How much minimum amount can be withdrawn using this service?
A minimum amount of Rs.1,000/- can be withdrawn.

3. TDS Certificate

You can also submit Form-15H from Home.

What is Form-15H?
Form-15H is a self-declaration to be submitted by the Senior citizens to avoid TDS liability on the interest earned on Fixed deposits they made.

Now, senior citizens can submit Form-15H from home, and No need to visit the bank.

4. Life certificate & Other Services

Senior citizens can avail of all the below-mentioned services through SBI Doorstep Banking.

As discussed earlier, senior pensioners can submit a Life Certificate which needs to be submitted once a year, and also KYC documents can be submitted from their homes.

Who is Eligible for SBI Doorstep Banking services?

1. SBI allows these doorstep services to Senior citizens who are 70 years of age.

2. Any person who is differently abled or infirm Persons (i.e. having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired can also avail of these services.

– If you want to avail of these services, you have to complete the KYC (i.e. Know Your Customer) process and

– These services will be offered to customers having a registered address within a radius of 5 KMs from the Home Branch.

3. Single account holders and Joint Account Holders with Either Survivor/ Former or Survivor.
Not available for:
-Accounts operated jointly.
-Minor Accounts.
-Accounts of Non-Personal nature.

How to register it?

Method 1 – By Phone Call:

Senior citizens who want to avail of SBI Doorstep banking services can make a call from their Registered mobile only to the below Toll-free numbers
1800 1037 188 (or)
1800 1213 721

Method 2 -By Visiting Branch:

You can also submit your application after filling it out.
> Click here to Download the SBI Doorstep service application

Once the registration is completed, you will receive an SMS confirmation for the registered customers.

How can I avail of SBI Doorstep service?

I registered for this service, but how to avail of it?

Method 1 – By Phone Call:

If you want to avail of SBI doorstep banking service,
You can dial the number 1800 1111 03 ( From 9 am to 4 pm) and place a service request as per your need.

Method 2 – By Yono SBI:

If you have the SBI Yono App, you can also place your SBI Doorstep service request through it.
– Go to the “Menu” section
– Select the “Service Request” option.
– You can find “Doorstep Services”

How many visits can be allowed in a single day?

Only 1 transaction is allowed in a day. So you complete the most important work on that day. This way, you can manage all your banking activities from the comfort of your home.

Should I pay any charges for it..!
Keep on reading.

What are the charges for SBI Doorstep banking?

SBI Doorstep banking services are not Free. You will be charged as mentioned below.

For Senior citizens:

For PHC:
For a Physically handicapped (PHC), these SBI doorstep services are completely FREE.
You can have 3 Monthly Visits for Free. If you want more visits, then you will have to pay service charges as applicable to senior citizens.

How do you pay the charges?

You don’t have to make any cash payment for this service because all the key charges for these services are deducted from your bank account.

How much time will it take to complete the service, you asked for?

Any service you request through SBI door service will clear you a Maximum of T+1 working day except holidays.

T+1 working day means Trade settlement must be done within a day or 24 hours.
T+1 means a total of 2 working days.

SBI Doorstep Banking is a good initiative from India’s Largest bank. It is available only to Senior citizens aged 70 years or more. The service cost seems on a little higher side, as the representative needs to visit home but it’s worth it to those who cannot go outside and complete their work.

However, the drawback is that SBI might allow these services to senior citizens aged above 60 years instead of 70 years. It will help a lot of SBI-aged customers.

I hope you understand the “SBI Doorstep Banking Services” concept.
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Thanks for reading..!!!

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