How to score 15-20 marks easily by CMA Students in DT & IDT

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CMA students of Syllabus 2012 should work really hard. It is not at all easy to score a single mark without hard work. When you work with hard efforts, Success will surely comes to you. For that you should work from the day 1 till the exams by having your own plans like to prepare your daily schedules, strategies etc.

Every subject will have a seperate strategy to accomplish. No single strategy will apply to all the subjects. Whereas, for the subjects of Direct Taxes [DT] & Indirect Taxes [IDT], you must read the latest amendments through which you can score 15-20 marks easily.

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Q . Why latest amendments are important for you ?

A . Every year Finance Minister announces the budget of the Central Government, then, he announces certain latest notification with regard to Direct Taxes [DT] & Indirect Taxes [IDT]. Since certain rates will be changed and provisions will be added to it. These are very useful to read for the exam. ICAI will definitely test the students regarding this to assess the student’s awareness or updating of the latest amendments.

Q. Which Assessment year is applicable for June 2016 exams ?

A. The Assessment year applicable for June 2016 exam is 2016-17.

Therefore, by reading all the amendments it’s easy to score 15-20 Marks.

Click here to get Amendments on Direct Tax [DT] as per Finance Act, 2015 for June 2016 Exams

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